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"What we teach is ourselves." Magda Gerber

RIE Parent-Infant Guidance Classes

Hello, thank you for being here.


Below is a collection of classes, workshops, private sessions, and trainings that I offer in Singapore. I hope you will find an option that allows me to support you on your journey. If you have any questions, please contact me and let's talk about it.


My warmest wishes to you and your family!


Always, Aletheia

Aletheia Lee

RIE® Certified
Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes

Focused on Magda Gerber's Educaring® Approach, classes aim to support parents with insights to putting RIE® principles into practice. Starting from 3 months old, infants and their parents meet weekly as a group and grow together until the children turn 2 years old.


The space is set up with the individual children in mind, for each to explore, enjoy, and take on challenges at his or her own time, in his or her own way. Parents are invited to relax and sensitively observe the children and themselves, to discover their infant or toddler's authentic process, and to delight at how attentive, active, aware, and able children can be at this early age. As the RIE® facilitator, I am present to intervene when needed, and relate my choices of action to the Educaring® Approach. Together with parents, we share knowledge and perspectives and talk about how to support their child's needs as well as their own.

The goal of


is to help raise authentic infants who are:


















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Adult-only learning sessions enable more extensive theme-specific discussions, as well as opportunities for self-reflection and exchange of ideas. I love workshops that are conversational, experiential, and practical.

with Chapter Zero Singapore

For parents with children 0-3 years:

Respectful Parenting Workshop Series

For caregivers:

The Mindful Nanny: Infants / Toddlers

For expecting couples:

Building Authentic Relationships

The Mindful Nanny

Baby massage

Enjoyed in the intimacy of their own home, parents learn techniques and strokes to lovingly, respectfully offer their young infant a massage as a form of care. We cover these over five sessions to introduce strokes at a sensitive pace that builds gradually toward a full-body routine. Open to parents and caregivers of the infant. Often, fathers delight at the chance to spend time with their little loved one in this special way.

Infant Massage
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Private consultations
and family sessions

Establishing life as a family involves a unique dynamic of individuals. Every member carries their own personality, commitments, experiences, and upbringing. Everyone may be at different stages of life and development — including the adults! Visiting families at home, we can dive into specific topics of development, address a particular area of struggle, or even collaborate on a project (like designing a safe and challenging play space, or creating a family ritual). Working together in this personal way, we get to understand nuances of certain situations and tailor efforts accordingly.

Private consultations
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As senior lecturer at Singapore University of Social Sciences, I work with students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. I teach Birth To Three: Responsive Curriculum, which highlights developmental neuroscience and psychology, quality group care, and meaningful education for infants and toddlers; and Children's Social and Emotional Learning, which deepens understanding and skills that support children developing socioemotional intelligence, self-regulation, and agency. I also serve on the Academic Board of Singapore Experiential Education (SEEd) Academy, Jakarta, Indonesia.


In addition, I conduct experiential learning sessions for students and alumni to explore self-oriented and field-related perspectives, and hone practical skills to become better professionals. Sign up for upcoming sessions in May and June!


It is a joy to work with passionate, budding educators.

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In-service training and professional development

Workshops and trainings for early childhood practitioners empower professionals on their path by expanding knowledge and toolkits. Professional development or consultation sessions range from further education in areas of child development, to working with mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care, reflective practices, effective forms of communication, planning developmentally appropriate spaces and caregiving corners, as well as team bondings. Time set aside to grow in this way is always meaningful and valuable. 

with Student SUcceSS Centre

Singapore University of Social Sciences

with The Respectful Way

with SEED Institute

An NTUC Training Institute

Professional development
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