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Dr Aletheia Lee

is an early childhood practitioner and consultant in developmental sciences and educational neuroscience. 

She works closely with parents, caregivers, professionals, educators, students, and young children. She aspires to create safe, challenging, and nurturing environments that offer both adults and children the security and freedom to learn and shape their own experiences. 

Trained in neuroscience and working with RIE® principles, her integrative perspective combines understanding of the brain, mind, body, and spirit of an individual. She is passionate about the human design, our adaptive capacity, and our wonderful ability to learn.

She feels strongly about good health, authentic connections, and safe spaces. She loves the outdoors, sports, music, fantasy and science fiction, and all manner of toys, textiles, and animals. When she’s not in a session or at her desk, she’s probably out grabbing coffee, or in the yoga studio, or somewhere on the road enjoying the planet.


Aletheia is a RIE® Associate for Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach and teaches infant/toddler care and education in the Early Childhood Education programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences.


She founded The Respectful Way, offering RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes as well as consultations for families in Singapore. She serves as child development specialist with Chapter Zero Singapore, facilitating workshops for parents and caregivers. She is an associate trainer with SEED Institute and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage.

Professional Path

Prior to her work with the early years, she was a research scholar at University of Oxford and National University of Singapore specialising in learning and adaptive behaviour, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, experimental and developmental psychology, neurobiology, and brain plasticity. She went on to complete her RIE® Foundations™ in London, her RIE® Practicum™ in California, and her RIE® Internship™ in Hangzhou, Adelaide, and Singapore. She is currently pursuing interests in somatic education.

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