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I Play Therefore I Am

  • 6 hr

Service Description

It’s play day! Everyone’s talking about the power of play. What’s the buzz about play anyway? What if I told you to suspend all ideas of “Play For Learning” for one day? Step outside the pedagogies and principles of play, playful learning, purposeful play etc. and discover a personal side to this natural instinct — this pillar of our human nature. Yes, I’m saying: Play is not for learning; play is for well-being. What kind of play appeals to you? What kind of player are you? This workshop is designed to take a splash at playfulness and see it with new eyes. Delight in its paradoxes, appreciate its characters and varieties, consider why children are so good at it, figure out how you might enjoy more play in your own life — and even become more productive for it! I promise it will be as trivial as it is impactful :)

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